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Legal Aid and Government Organizations

General Information

DNA testing is the most advanced and accurate method available for resolving relationship matters for medical, legal, or personal reasons. With state-of-the-art DNA technology, DNA identity testing is now routinely used to streamline proceedings by quickly and easily providing conclusive and irrefutable evidence for difficult questions relating to paternity, familial relationships, and identity.

During a DNA paternity test, a painless buccal (mouth) swab specimen is collected from the child and alleged father (testing the mother is optional). The sample which is collected contains cells, and most of the cells in our body contain a full set of genetic information in the form of DNA. A person’s DNA represents a “genetic blueprint” and like a fingerprint, is unique to each individual. Because the genetic information of a child is inherited from his/her biological parents, examination of the DNA of the child will conclusively determine whether the alleged father is the true biological father of the child. Genetrack paternity test reports are validated for court use in every province and territory in Canada.

Fee Schedule: Reduced Legal and Government Rates
Test Type Cost
Sample, interpretation and results to cover one child, one alleged father, and one mother (optional) within Canada. This package rate is all inclusive. Includes specimen collection, transport, and laboratory fees for all parties involved. $425
(all inclusive)
Each additional child or alleged father (e.g. child #2, alleged father #2, etc.) within Canada. Includes specimen collection, transport and laboratory fees. 212.50
(all inclusive)
Scheduling a Test

To schedule a DNA paternity test, please complete the Genetrack Laboratory Requisition for Legal Aid and Government Organizations form. The completed form should be submitted directly to Genetrack by fax, email or mail. To obtain additional forms, please Email info@genetrackcanada.com.

Outline of DNA Testing Process

Complete the Genetrack Laboratory Requisition Form.

Note: If payment is authorized by Legal Aid, the authorization/file number must be provided. In cases where the mother and alleged father are both proceeding through Legal Aid, please provide both authorization/file numbers.

Scheduling by Fax
Fax completed form to:
Scheduling by Email Email completed form to:
Scheduling by Mail
Send completed form to:
Genetrack Biolabs
Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory
200 - 2806 Kingsway
Vancouver BC V5R 5T5
Submit the completed form to Genetrack by fax, email or mail.

Upon receipt of the completed requisition form:

  1. Genetrack staff will contact the clients directly (unless otherwise indicated) to schedule appointments for sample collection. Clients are asked to bring valid photo identification to their appointment. Identification for children is also required and can be in the form of a healthcare card, birth certificate, or vaccination records. Each client must also bring a recent passport sized photograph to be submitted during the appointment.
  2. Appointments are approximately 15 minutes in duration. Strict chain of custody and identification procedures will be followed during the appointment. Clients will be positively identified and a right thumbprint is obtained for verification. Children under 18 years must be accompanied by their legal guardian.
The results are faxed to the legal counsel upon completion and original documents follow by mail.
The results are in the form of a comprehensive report, together with the data sheet. An easy-to-use glossary is included with every report, as well as the toll-free number to the testing laboratory for support from qualified genetic advisors.
Specimen Collection Locations

Genetrack Biolabs has a network of over 520 specimen collection locations throughout Canada, serving clients coast to coast. Specimens from different parties do not have to be collected at the same time or in the same city.

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