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The Genetrack Advantage

Warning! Genetrack is Canada's ONLY AABB, CAP and ISO17025 Accredited DNA Testing Laboratory. Many laboratories falsely claim to be accredited by the AABB. Click here to view the complete list of all AABB accredited labs. If the laboratory is not in this list, they are NOT accredited. Genetrack is the trusted name for DNA testing in Canada and is fully AABB and SCC accredited.

Genetrack is Canada's ONLY AABB Accredited DNA Testing Facility

Accreditation is important. It regulates the quality of work performed by a laboratory. Although many labs claim to be AABB accredited, don't be fooled. We are the only laboratory in Canada that is AABB Accredited. An official list of all AABB accredited laboratories can be viewed at If the laboratory is not listed in the AABB accredited laboratory list, it means that they are not AABB accredited.

We Do Not Ship Your DNA Outside of Canada

We are not resellers, and we do not ship your DNA outside of Canada for testing in a different country.

We are Canada's only AABB accredited laboratory, and all DNA tests are performed right here in Canada. That means that your DNA sample is protected under Canadian Privacy Laws. Many resellers claim to be Canadian, but they ship your genetic samples out of the country for testing elsewhere.

We Are One of the Largest DNA Testing Laboratories in Canada

Processing over 100,000 DNA samples per year, Genetrack is proudly one of the leading DNA testing facilities in Canada. We are trusted for DNA testing by hospitals, government organizations throughout the country, and also provide confidential private DNA testing services.

We Are Approved by Citizenship and Immigration Canada

Genetrack is fully accredited by the Standards Council of Canada for DNA relationship testing and our laboratory is formally recognized by CIC for immigration casework for Canada.

Superior Processing Methods

As a large high output DNA testing faclity, we have the best equipment in place to ensure that the testing process is fully automated, resulting in the highest quality testing with the greatest precision and fastest turnaround time.

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